We Repair Steam Radiator Heaters

Updated: Apr 9

Steam radiator heaters are becoming rare of use and the people that maintain them as well. Natural gas burning heaters were the fit choice for usage in Los Angeles city. The reason many plumbers, and service members have forgotten the practice is because steam boilers are relatively complex systems, that only past generations held the knowledge for maintaining. Steam heating radiators are, in fact, safer than natural gas-burning units - natural gas is flammable and, therefore, will prolong the issue of control for global warming as an overview. If you are planning on repairing or restoring old one-pipe radiator heaters, we are the company you can call.

If you are experiencing loud hissing or loud banging within the radiator unit, it could be several things:

1. The steam stop valve could be damaged or have water locked inside. In this case, rebuilt or replace the air valve by an expert or licensed plumber.

2. The air-valve could no longer be working properly. Hire a professional to determine if it should be replaced or not.

3. Excessive amounts of condensation within the radiator have accumulated, which could cause loud banging noises. Hire a specialist to give it a proper slope and or pitch to maintain a good flow.

4. Condensation return line or lines could be obstructed with rust and cause the radiator to choke. Hire a plumbing company to replace all piping and fittings connecting to the radiator heater.

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