Thermostatic Shower Valves

Updated: Jan 31

Fluctuations in water pressure will ultimately impact the bather with unsteady water pressure and temperatures. This fluctuation happens when a user suddenly demands the use of any fixture connected to the system. Standard fixtures within a household consist of water closets, clothes washers, lavatories, dishwashers, and kitchen sinks. The sudden use of any of these appliances, whether your building is running within galvanized or copper piping materials, will give the bather unsteady temperature and water pressure with the use of a non-thermostatic valve.

The way they work is by a diaphragm or piston that is located in the body balancing pressures from both hot and cold sides and accordingly preserving a steady water temperature and pressure — making it more safe and comfortable, especially if you have little children.

Also, keep in mind that local codes and regulations about residential and commercial buildings now require every shower to have a pressure-temperature - balance valve.

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