Sewer Camera Inspection Service

Updated: Feb 23

If your main building sewer has been recently clogged or is having repetitive blockages, it's always good to perform a full inner examination of the sewer line. The first step is to have a detailed sewer inspection subsist to having adequate access for pushing the camera head into the sewer pipe. If no access is available, one must construct a cleanout. Cleanouts are, for the most part, always installed by L.A plumbing contractors in front lawns or upstream of the first stoppage. Having a readily accessible cleanout is very beneficial for future inspections and cleaning. Plumbing contractors incline to provide 🏡 owners with a better price when there is a pre-existing cleanout.

For sewer inspection services, we depend on the Flexiprobe 540c. This device is capable of using wifi to send a full video and image recorded video of the sewer being under inspection to our customers. Also, while we are inspecting the sewer pipe, our customers can connect via Bluetooth from their device and watch all operations Live. Using the Flexiprobe will make us, Pilos Plumbing bring a better summary to our customers as to the topic and find the best solution for the project to come.


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