Earthquake Gas Shut Off Valves

With the Pandemic to explode in the beginnings of this new century. You can be convinced to expect other natural disasters or so to arrive within its timeline.

Apocalyptic moments? I don't think so, however, there is still a chance. It's your responsibility as a building owner to install and maintain all appropriate valves and fittings correlating to new Los Angeles Plumbing Codes.

It's the law and Los Angeles will prod even harder to carry out these codes into effect. Making the economy peak during these arduous periods is in effect. Automatic Gas Shut Off Valves are first on the list when building. With all that said, it is still very wise to install these Seismic Valves for the health and safety of your family and business.

Pilos Plumbing recommends installing (Little Figtherfigther brand ) Seismic Valves and or Automatic Gas Shut-Off Valves in your all buildings and or home per meter. Seismic Valves were engineered to automatically shut down the supply of natural gas in the event of a 5.0 or greater on the Richter scale.

It's a good idea to start doing such work beforehand. Always have your plumbing contractor pull permits, that way, you will be considered " A good deeds owner" in their books of registrations.


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