What is the cast-iron life expectancy?

Updated: Feb 24

Downtown Los Angeles is going through a massive renovation project. Mostly all of its buildings and vicinities came into construction during the early 1920s, '50s, which now broadens to a large number of buildings under plumbing renovations and new plumbing installations up to current codes.

A proper plumbing installation will, on average, only last for about 50 years give or take. If your building is older than 40 years of age, it is a good idea to have a licensed plumber come over and check all plumbing systems within the building.

We are licensed and insured. A lot of our work is permitted and inspected by city inspectors.

Horizontal Cast Iron Repiping - completed by Pilos Plumbing 2016 ( Foreman and crew Eduardo D. Perez) in all of their parking garage levels and motor lobby ceiling space. 2016 for Promenade West HOA. Located at 880 W. 1st St, Los Angeles, CA. All work inspected and approved by Inspector Lung of LADBS.


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