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High Power Hydro Jetting
Building Sewer Lining
Sewer Video Inspection Service

We offer you low cost installations vs most plumbing companies. How? We have an overview understanding of many things; End result, is less time, less manpower, with the same degree of excellence. 


At times they call us to complete plumbing projects no other contractor in Los Angeles was able to figure out. We are the best team with alot of plumbing knowledge and overviews. We enjoy what we do... Thank You, Los Angeles.

Water Leak Detection and Pipe Location
Sewer Replacement by Trenching is the Best.



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Mailing Address
Or Call Tel : (323) 646-6512

P.O. Box 741005

Los Angeles, CA 90004

We are a family business only.



We are a Father and Son family business with deep roots created in Los Angeles, California. Our company was created 25 years ago and professionally established in 2004. Today, it is still being operated by Pilo the plumber (Boomer) and his son (Eduardo Perez -Gen X).We are moving the company forward with old school quality and new school technology on hand. Our way is to be clean, honest and doing things right the first time."We built good things."

We serve Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Our company is known for doing jobs that are set to be impossible. Thanks!

The Best
Simplex and Duplex Pumps with Alarms
Boomer Quality and Attitude

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